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Amped Fitness

Amped 4-A-Cure, Inc. is proud to introduce Amped Fitness, a series of programs aimed at not only educating our communities on the many ways to fight cancer by living healthier lives ... but actually getting them active. We’re unlocking the power of a proper diet including the key cancer fighting foods, and coupling that with fun and exciting ways to get fit! Supporting the bodies and immune systems of cancer patients, maintaining the level of health to keep cancer survivors in remission and helping to prevent cancer all together ... THAT’S WHAT AMPED FITNESS IS ALL ABOUT!

An Apple A Day - With Chef Jay

Amped 4-A-Cure has partnered with culinary genius Chef Jay of the Food Network and the Presbyterian Cancer Research Center to bring you "An Apple A Day - With Chef Jay". This program is aimed at delivering the very important information to the community on how to use nutrition as a form of prevention in a very entertaining way that is not only easy to understand but also very practical. The goal of the program is to educate the three groups that define our population in reference to cancer health. It aims to provide (1)CANCER PATIENTS and their caretakers with nutritional information to help strengthen their bodies to endure the treatments, assist (2)CANCER SURVIVORS in making the right nutritional choices to remain in remission and offer the information for the rest of the population that are considered (3)AT RISK the tools needed to remain cancer free.

"An Apple A Day" will be a 1 hour episode Cooking Show that will engage it's audience each week in healthy food topics  and deliver great information and cooking ideas. Each day/week join Culinary Chef Jay of the Food Network's "Chopped" as he develops easy to prepare dishes using key ingredients picked and explained by his co-host, Presbyterian Cancer Research Center's Nutritionist & Dietitian, Michelle Ray for their powerful cancer fighting properties. This Dynamic Duo will introduce and prepare these power packed delicious recipes in a very fun, informative and entertaining package.  And to "AMP" up the entertainment even more, we've added our house band that keeps the show lively and energetic!  To help you build your arsenal  of healthy cancer fighting recipes, sign up for AmpedNation's email contact list and receive a "Daily Apple" right in your inbox AND pick up a special weekly recipe card at your local grocer.

Amped Weight Loss Challenge

This program is a city-wide initiative to promote weight loss and exercise as a preventative measure against disease including certain types of cancer. This program will involve local gyms, dance studios and other fitness facilities to help facilitate the program. Every pound loss will equal money raised for cancer research to be donated.

Amped On The Run

From Cancer Patients and Survivors to Cancer-Free Individuals, this program will provide the proper training and guidance to those interested in running in marathons or participating in walks. The program officially began in Wilmington, NC with marathon runner Mary Jo Fish who ran the Battleship North Carolina half-marathon in Amped 4-A-Cure’s name. She documented her entire experience in her blog, “Get Your Heart Racing” ( Following Mary Jo’s lead, all participants will run or walk specifically for Amped 4-A-Cure, Inc. by taking pledges from friends, families and local businesses to donate to A4AC for the purpose of supporting cancer research.


Get Active. Get Fit. Get Amped!